Family Valentine's Day

We had such a fun Valentine's Day! We celebrated as family with a candle light dinner & dancing. Yes, dancing! Turns out my kiddos are into dancing. They said that eating "in the dark", their way of saying "eating by candlelight" & dancing was the best part of the night. We had homemade meatballs, pasta with Caesar Salad & everything garlic bread. Delish!
Daddy brought the girls flowers.

He also brought Mommy some flowers.

We had a "dressy, dark dinner" as the kids call it.
"Dark" meaning by candlelight. LOL.
They dress themselves, it's too cute!

We went around the table & talked about what we loved about each other.
It was hilarious. 
The boys of course said sweet things about their sisters, then said 
obnoxious things about each other.
Loving words such as farts & baseballs were used?!
Sigh...family time around the table is never dull.

Here's the dance video. 
It's a little dark due to the candlelight.
Notice the Dancing with the Stars reference...


I am praying & believing that we have made some happy memories this Valentine's Day that didn't revolve around gifts, but L-O-V-E.


  1. Hello Mrs. RHOK Star,

    I love how you guys celebrated. How sweet that the kids loved dressing up and eating in the "dark."

    I have passed on the Stylish Blogger Award to you. You can check it on my post: http://momoffab4.blogspot.com/2011/02/stylish-blogger-award.html

  2. That is precious! And I KNOW you have made beautiful memories and foundations of character in your childrens lives!

  3. What a fun evening with the fam.

    Courtney had dance at 7:15 last night so we didn't do anything special. Sad, I know.

    They did love their gifts even though none of them were video games. Ha! They got "needed" items.

    Love that video.

  4. Awe........L O V E it..... your so blessed friend.
    XXOO Love ya friend-D

  5. thanks for leaving a comment on my wreath - i appreciate it!!!

    i looooove spending valentine's day with my family - my hubby and i will have a date at some point, but for us too, it's more fun to share the love with our kiddos :)

  6. Love the J Crew Valentine's Day!! I'm sure you made memories that will last a lifetime!

    The kids conversation on the video is SO cute!!

  7. Great idea!! We went to a local cafe with our son & nephew... it was fun!!


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